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Colinas de la Normal
44270 Guadalajara, Jal. México

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Convenio con Universidad de Cambridge

Convenio con Universidad de Cambridge



Memorandum of Understanding

between Becas Magdalena O, Vda. de Brockmann, A.C (hereafter 'the Brockmann Foundation')

and Cambridge Commonwealth, European & International Trust (hereafter 'CCEIT')

on the scheme of

Brockmann Cambridge Scholarships


  1. The Brockmann Foundation and CCEIT agree to continue to offer jointly funded scholarships for study at the University of Cambridge (hereafter  'the University'). The scholarships are known as the Brockmann Cambridge Scholarships. This agreement is an extension of a previous agreetment made in 2009 and renewed in 2012 and 2015.

  2. Up to two scholarships may be awared each year to Mexican students on one-year postgraduate courses (MPhil or equivalent) at the University.
    The scholaships are tenable at any College with the University, and in any discipline.

  3. Each scholarship will pay:

    (Anticipated costs in the academic year 2018-19 are included in the Annex to this agreement.)

    If there is a suitable candidate for a course that charges premium-rate fees, such as MBA or MFin, the parties may jointly agree to support that candidate on a partial basis, by paying only the University tuition fee charged at a standard rate (exact level to be confirmed by the parties) and the maintenance costs as detailed above; it will be the responsability of the candidate to pay the balance of the University tuition fee.


    • University tuition fee at the Overseas/Internationsl rate;
    • maintenance (at the rate set annually by CCEIT. which will not be less than the minimum rate set annually by the University.
  4. The Cost of each scholarshipwill be divided equally between the Brockmann Foundation and CCEIT.
    CCEIT will make all payments due to the University and scholars, and will invoice the Brockmann Foundation annually (during October/November) for its share of the costs. The Brockmann Foundation will remit due payments to CCEIT in pounds sterling. Invoices are payable within 30 days of receipt.

  5. Recipients of awards may be identified in two ways:
      In all cases, scholarships will be awarded by agreetment both parties.
    1. The Brockmann Foundation may propose to CCEIT that a Mexican scholar selected by the Brockmann Foundation, who applies to the University in the normal way and gains admission, be awarded a scholarship. If an applicant has not yet gained admission to the University, the scholarship will be conditional on admission being confirmed.
    2. CCEIT may propose that a Mexican scholar who has gained admission to the University be considered by the Brockmann Foundation for a scholarship.
  6. Eligibility criteria for the scholarships will be as follows:
    • candidates must be normally resident in Mexico;
    • candidates must apply online to the University in the normal way, before the published deadline for the relevant cours, and must be offered admission and fulfil any conditions set on admission (including a high level of proficiency in English lenguage);
    • candidates must also apply to the Brockmann Foundation for a scholarship, by the published deadline, and be selected;
    • candidates must have complited a four-year undergraduate degree in any field, terminating with a diploma, showing good academic progress;
    • candidates must be less than 30 years of age at the time of application;
    • candidates must agree to return to and work in Mexico within two years of completing the degree at the University, or whitin one year of completing a PhD if the individual's course of study extends to that degree.
  7. CCEIT and the Brockmann Foundation will each promotes awareness of the scholarship and the relevant application timetable and procedures. Both parties will be recognized in all publicity and promotion.
  8. This agreement covers admission of scholars in the three academic years from October 2018 to September 2021, and thereafter may be extended by mutual agreement.
  9. If the present agreetmen is terminated, every effort will be made to complete activities in progress. Both parties agree that scholarships offered and accepted under this agreetment will be honoured by both partie, as long as the scholarship recipients meet the terms and conditions established by the parties. This agreement may be modified by mutual written consent of the parties. Any modifications will not retroactively alter the terms or conditions of scholarships in force in such ways as to jeopardize the scholars successful completion of their degrees at the University.


Signed: Signed:







Carlos Brockmann Helen Pennant
for Becas Magdalena O. Vda. de Brockmann, A.C. for Cambridge Commonwealth, European and
  International Trust
Date:  18th July, 2017 Date:  18th July, 2017



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