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Av. Moctezuma 442
Colonia Jardines del Sol
45050 Zapopan, Jal. México

Tel/fax: (33)36322872
Whatsapp: +52 33 3033 1478

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Brief history

Brief history



In 1992 Mr. Guillermo Brockmann established this non-profit institution enabling talented young Mexicans to obtain high-quality postgraduate education abroad, which he named Becas Magdalena O. Vda. de Brockmann (BecasMOB) in honor of his late mother. He profoundly admired her. When he was nine years old his father, grandfather and only uncle all died leaving his mother a young widow in dire financial straits. Despite early widowhood and multiple hardships she was able to educate her four children abroad and subsequently watch them become successful. In Guillermo’s case she was able to get a scholarship that permitted him to study civil engineering at MIT in 1929. Inspired by this, Mr. Brockmann decided to further the higher education of other talented Mexicans, and by example encourage philanthropy in this vital field.


It was Mr. Brockmann’s belief, shared by the members of our boards of directors and trustees consisting of dedicated members of our community, that what Mexico needs most are citizens with advanced degrees and exposure to first world values and systems, which can only be obtained by attending foreign universities. Mexicans, after exposure to other cultures and values, return imbued with tolerance and a highly developed competitive spirit, thereby enriching Mexico’s technological and cultural level. For not only will they have acquired invaluable technical knowledge while refining their ability to communicate in a foreign language, but more importantly, when they eventually become decision makers in government, the third sector or private enterprise, they will be in a position to do something about the many problems that face Mexico, especially the imperative need to improve educational standards that is at the root of this country’s underdevelopment.


BecasMOB’s sole mission is to send outstanding young Mexicans to top foreign universities for Master’s degrees, thus promoting higher education and creating a highly competitive and innovative group of citizens with global perspectives, yet with a powerful commitment to their country.


Briefly, BecasMOB’s objectives are:

  • To promote high-level education by annually granting as many scholarships as feasible to young Mexicans, commensurate with fiscal responsibility, while seeking to take advantage of funding offers and benefits from other institutions.
  • To foster the development of Mexican citizens by providing them with opportunities to live in advanced countries and become acquainted with varied cultures.
  • To continue and grow in perpetuity as an institution free of conflicts of interest, adhering to the highest ethical standards.


It is this institution’s policy to provide guidance and award scholarships to gifted Mexicans who wish to study for Master’s degrees at foreign universities in branches of knowledge of their choice, with the proviso that these provide a future contribution to the advancement and modernization of Mexico. It requires grantees to speak and write English at a level sufficient to take full advantage of their studies; to return to Mexico upon completion of their degrees in order to put to work and transmit the knowledge acquired; and to reimburse over time 30% of the scholarship received (interest-free) to cover administrative expenses. This ensures that the original endowment, its yields and all future contributions to it are devoted exclusively to granting scholarships. Our headquarters in Mexico are located within the offices of American Chamber of Commerce, Guadalajara Division, on a rent-free basis, thanks to the vision of the former president of its Board of Directors, Mr. Adolf B. Horn, Jr. and the generous support of all subsequent presidents.


BecasMOB seeks highly motivated and competitive applicants with the following attributes: a Bachelor’s degree and cumulative grade point average of 3.0 or higher, strong recommendations, a functional level of communication in English, proof of having thoroughly researched postgraduate study opportunities, clearly focused career objectives, and finally, official admittance to a recognized foreign university. Awardees promise to return to Mexico after graduation and to remain in the country for five years.

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